Sonic Runners Adventure – Fast Action Platformer

First launched in 1991 on a 16-bit system, the Sonic the Hedgehog game not only resonated around the world, but also helped Sega to bring huge profits with dozens of subsequent products. Resources about the green hedgehog and friends. It's been nearly 2 decades and recently, this classic game has just been officially revived by Gameloft in a completely new face called Sonic Runners Adventure – Fast Action Platformer APK

Reworked from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, this version has been upgraded both in terms of graphics quality and gameplay becomes much more spectacular and beautiful. Like most Sonic series, all players need to do is to control Sonic the blue hedgehog to overcome obstacles as well as collect gold rings and items along the way to maximize the special effects. . Each round will last from 1-2 minutes with the difficulty level will gradually increase to challenge and conquer the most demanding gamers.

In addition to the familiar Sonic green hedgehog, two companions, Tails, Knuckles as well as other characters will also appear in this version. The main storyline in Sonic Runners Adventure revolves around the journey of the trio in search of ways to prevent the evil Dr. Dr.ggman from destroying life in the world. Each character will have its own unique skills, which helps the player greatly during the adventure.

Collecting enough characters is one of the main goals of Sonic Runners Adventure, because some levels require gamers to own a certain type of character to pass. Besides, gamers can also replay the previous game screen to complete all the set goals. Unfortunately, Sonic Runners Adventure does not currently have a feature to store achievements and rank achievements, nor does it have external support. These features may be updated in the future but currently gamers have only the basic game version. Although still quite simple, Sonic Runners Adventure brings the classic feel of a Sonic game, suitable for fun entertainment. After paying the initial cost, gamers do not need to pay any other IAP.

FEATURES of Sonic Runners Adventure – Fast Action Platformer

- Run through 4 beautiful locations, super terrible graphics.

- Unlock characters like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow the Hedgehog and many other speed legends. Each person has his own super powers.

- Overcoming countless obstacles and villains, including the boss is the evil Professor Eggman.

- Enjoy the familiar music of Sonic porcupines, entertaining and comfortable.

- Choose your favorite assistant. Choose and combine abilities wisely to win.

- Empower characters to improve their abilities.

- Enjoy a story filled with superpowers and fascinating turning points.

- Countless levels with different goals, for your pleasure lasts endlessly.

- Discover the mysterious Bonus mode with extreme fun.

- Good gameplay thanks to simple controls, suitable for everyone. Your character will automatically run and the player's task is just to control them to avoid obstacles, collect items and fight.

HOW TO PLAY Sonic Runners Adventure – Fast Action Platformer game

In this version, Sonic characters will automatically run. Players only watch to avoid obstacles and enemies encountered along the way and collect as much gold coins as possible.