Sonic Dash apk

Sonic Dash is a familiar role-playing game, runner on Android and iOS devices, especially the famous Sonic character. Players play the role of Sonic, jumping and rotating on the run through the wonderful 3D environment. Surf on the run and overcome difficult obstacles in this fast and crazy, endless running game.

Game Sonic Dash is a game with the main character is the green hedgehog Sonic. An extremely cute hedgehog with blue fur. The task of the player is to work with the hedgehog Sonic on a long road with different paths. It may be a road on the highway but it can also be bridges, green lawns, spiral roads ... And must overcome the obstacles encountered on the run to collect gold and money. reward.

The graphic design of Sonic Runners Adventure game is beautiful and lifelike. Besides, gamers will experience the extremely attractive high-speed racing screen when running to the deep pools or the skilled high jump screen before landing on the ground.

FEATURES of Sonic Dash

Special abilities of each character: Unleash the power of sonic to dodge hazards on the run, jump over the fence and accelerate the rotation. Defeat enemies using Sonic's devastating attack.

Incredibly impressive graphics: Extremely vivid game gear with gorgeous 3D graphics that are glossy, optimized for both phones and tablets. You will also be constantly changing the running environment to never get bored while playing.

Many characters: In addition to the hedgehog: Sonic plays the main character, you can choose one of the other friends such as Tails, Shadow and Knuckles.

Powerups: Unlock, win and buy more power-ups. They can help you a lot on the run. Includes jumping toad, shield, gold-ring magnet and unique high-score add-ons

Continuous run: The more you play, the more rewards you get! Increase your score to a multiplier level by completing unique missions or winning unexpected rewards including: red star rings and many characters by completing daily challenges and playing the lucky draw day.

HOW TO PLAY Sonic Dash Game

After downloading the game from the Appstore to the iPad, you'll open the Sonic Dash game app and start playing. When the game interface opens, you will be completely surprised by the interface looks very nice and lively. The bottom of the screen will display the total number of roads you can run, as well as the number of yellow circles you have collected on the distance.

Your task in the game Sonic Dash is to control the hedgehog named Sonic explore all the different paths in the game. Run as fast as possible, and overcome obstacles to get more gold circles.

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