Snow Drift

Snow Drift is one of the highly entertaining games. In this game you will control a small character through the adventurous runways, take out the dead birds ... to reach another tent. The game with simple gameplay combining beautiful interface and lively sound will help players have great relaxing moments. This game has been loved by many people from all over the world. It is suitable for all age groups, so you can feel secure when letting your children play this game.

Features of Snow Drift

To move to the other igloos, your character will have to run on the snow, slide on ice and defeat as many penguins as possible. The terrain to move to the other tents will be very different, can run across a flat road, can be very steep, can be jumped over the steps and below it are holes.

The rugged terrain will combine penguins and ice cubes... The penguins will appear a lot on the way to hinder you, the little ones you can easily fall. them, but the bigger ones and you need to slide quickly to push it, otherwise you will lose contact with them. In addition to the large penguins, there are runways that can be movable or fixed. The moving runway will make your steps more difficult. The ice ball can move, can be raised and lowered. More specifically, there are ice bridges that can melt, when you touch them, they will melt, so you have to run very fast to overcome it before it disappears and can cause you to lose your life.

The higher the level, the denser the appearance of the larger birds, which requires you to jump continuously so you don't touch them and the more melting ice spheres appear. The game has many levels to choose from, each level of course will have extremely interesting challenges with increasing difficulty. The game is extremely simple to play but requires quick reflexes and skills, it will help you train your eyes quickly and the brain will also respond flexibly. You can download it to play or play online and compete with online friends to see who will get the highest score, topping the charts and conquering this game. The runways you can slip on it but can't ski on the snow.

How to play Snow Drift game

The gameplay is very simple, you just need to use the keyboard characters and the arrow keys to move them. Use the left and right arrow keys to run, the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow to slide on ice to help you overcome high levels and dangerous obstacles. If you need to stop, do not press any of these keys. In addition to the arrow keys you can also use the characters W, A, S, D to move. A key to left or D to right, W up or spacebar to jump and use S to slide. This game will bring you lots of excitement and you will spend a lot of time on it. Believe me I have tried it and enjoyed it.