The sncb national

The sncb national app provides a complete view of all public transport information in Belgium. The multimodal travel planner calculates the fastest door-to-door journey, optional with GPS. Bus, subway, and train schedules are always available and train information is always provided in real-time. Departure and arrival schedules can also be consulted for a station of your choice. Another option is to search for the train number. Moreover, network disturbances are available in real-time and you can receive notifications when your train is delayed.

It also provides the ability to purchase tickets, to save travel schedules in your calendar, and/or share them with others via e-mail, SMS, or Twitter.

Payment for Mobile Tickets can be made by credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express) or bank application (Bancontact, Belfius, KBC) or PayPal through secured servers of the Payment Service. Math Ingenico. If you wish, you can save your card details after your first purchase to make future purchases faster. In this case, you will only need to enter the security code (CVC) to complete the next purchase.

This is an application that brings many great things to users because of the outstanding features that it brings. Owning SNCB national about your phone is that you are giving yourself something wonderful and meaningful. Come to SNCB national to bring yourself many amazing discoveries.

Features of SNCB national:

When downloading, you will be asked to enable certain services with application features:

- GPS location: through geolocation, you can find yourself the nearest station possible.

- Calendar: you can save travel itineraries on your calendar.

- Contact:

• You can buy Mobile Tickets for one of your contacts

• You can choose the address of one of your contacts as the source or destination

• You can share your journey with others via SMS, e-mail, Twitter to interact with people.

- Push messages: be automatically notified when your train is delayed

- Phone: you can contact our Customer Service or Securail directly.

How to use SNCB national:

After downloading the application, users can use it easily without requiring too many difficult sequences. Besides the beautiful interface that SNCB national brings is also a worthy plus point for this application. You can download it to discover the specials that this app brings right away!