Snack Video

Snack Video is the latest party of short funny videos. You can find the most interesting, funny, magical videos on Snack Video. Just watch what you like, skip what you don't like and you will see endless short videos are all dedicated to your interests.

Features of Snack Video

- Drag the screen to explore videos

Watch funny videos including jokes, humor, entertainment, news, pets, games, etc. Just drag the screen and choose what you like.

- Extremely customized videos for you

Based on the content of the video you have watched, liked, and shared to create a personalized video for you. Snack Video is for you with honest, funny and funny videos for you to spend a wonderful day.

- Discover on the Trends page of Snack

Snack Video Trends page will ensure everyone sees the videos on all that users like the most.

How to use of Snack Video:

When you press start the "Start download" button will automatically download the Snack Video installation file.

After downloading, the Snack Video file icon will appear in the left corner of the screen, which is the file you want to download.

Or you can press Ctrl + J at the same time to display the downloaded file

You click on this icon, a window appears, click "Run" to run the installation.