Smashy City apk

Smashy City game is a simple and highly stress-relieving action game, allowing you to transform into giant monsters and begin the smashing work of destroying the whole big city.

In the game, you are looking to control a monster and ravage the city. There are many monsters to choose from, and some of them have unique statuses. Your mission is simple, that is to destroy everything on the way. Destroy the city using a variety of legendary monsters! Break down buildings, skyscrapers and military bases to raise your desired level! When the police and army come to you, be sure to fight back! By destroying everything, you will fill an aggressive measure. When it's full, you can use it to move faster and instantly destroy a building. The more you devastate, the higher your score. You can earn money that can be used to incubate new monsters. You only have a limited number of lives, so try to cause as much damage as possible before you run out! Stepping on houses, destroying high-rise buildings, crushing all constructions to rubble as if you were unleashing your wrath. You transform into gigantic beasts, destruction machines, and begin to take action. Of course, humans will not let you ruin their world easily.

Destroy buildings, cars, helicopters and everything that surpasses you in this fun block-destroying game, Smash City. The more damage you do, the more points you'll earn to unlock bigger and more dangerous monsters. Choose your favorite one and bring chaos to the city before the police hunt you down.
Smash the city to pieces with the legendary monster squad! Smash buildings, smash skyscrapers, bash houses into bits! The police, SWAT and the army will try to stop you from causing maximum destruction! Battle APCs, tanks, helicopters and more!

It seems the bigger the more disadvantageous. The police, air force, army, and Swat will try to stop you in any way with your state-of-the-art weapon system. Therefore, you need to have the right tactics to both cause maximum destruction and preserve your life. Try to dodge bullets or hide behind high-rise buildings to avoid attacks. In addition, you can also directly oppose hostile forces. Crushes even planes, tanks, APCs and more.

Control monkeys, lizards, wolves, spiders and even a penguin or a giant rabbit, unlock many other characters absolutely free, reach a record high score on the leaderboards and hit defeat your friends in this fascinating game.

Features of Smashy City apk

- Unlock and make destruction with 52 monsters.

- Each monster has its own strength and skills, find your favorite choice.

- Put each monster into a state of rage, become invincible, crushing everything on your way.

- A large randomly generated city is waiting for you.

While Smashy City is completely free to play monsters that can be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please turn off the in-app purchase feature in the device's settings.

How to play Smash City game

- Use arrow keys A / D or left / right to move left or right

- Use the space bar to enter the aggressive mode