Smart Compass

Smart Compass is an extremely useful compass application that works like a real compass device, helping users determine the direction with ease. This is an application that developers integrated more utility functions. In addition to the usual compass function, the application also allows connection to the rear camera of the phone, can be simultaneously used with Google Maps to find easier routes.

Similar to the alarm clock, camera, radio, flashlight or voice recorder .... the compass is also one of the important applications that users should set up on the device. This tool is very useful when you move to another location or want to determine the direction at a specific location.


Basically, Smart Compass is used to measure the strength / strength and direction of areas with a magnetic field through a sensor called a magnetometer sensor. By analyzing the Earth's magnetic field, the device allows the phone to determine its direction relatively accurately.

Smart Compass is strongly compatible with most Android versions, so if you are using an old or cheap machine, you do not have to worry about the application does not support. One thing to note, however, before turning your phone into a sensor - is the compass app

The application is designed with a white digital compass with a modern black background. The application does not have many features but is appreciated for the accuracy it brings. In addition it also supports checking the balance of the plane.

Features of Smart Compass

- Activate the speedometer on Maps.

- GPS speedometer.

- Support Maps, JPEG images.

- This compass application uses network location coordinates or GPS to calculate the North main position.

- It supports the north pole and displays the magnetic field strength so you can check magnetic interference.

- You can copy, share and view your coordinates in the map
Some notes when using Smart Compass

Whether your phone is switched to portrait or landscape mode, the heading is always fixed.

Camera view will bring a true experience.

Metal detection feature is used to transform the magnetic sensor.

Support GPS.

Smart Compass works depending on the technical properties of the device. If the application performs the job perfectly, it means that the sensor of the phone you are using is very good. If inaccurate, users need to check whether the machine is affected by the magnetic field to adjust the parameters accordingly.