Ski safari

Ski Safari is the famous ski game of Defiant Development. Join the spectacular ski in the beautiful scenery with Sven guy right now! Ski Safari is built according to the endless-runner game style scroll screen horizontal. Which means the player will control his character to move from left to right and adventure on the endless stretching road.

After selecting your favorite characters and skis, you will start the race and automatically move. This time, our hero Sven is facing a huge blizzard that threatens the mountainsides. Help Sven escape the end of snow and ice!

In Ski Safari, we have to play for the extremely unlucky lover of alpine skiing. When our hero was asleep, an avalanche from the mountainside, destroyed the house, after pushing the bed with the "athlete" forward. At this time, we participate in the game. The task is to ski as far as possible, until the avalanche is completely closed.

The race is complicated by various obstacles - huts and cliffs. Fortunately, during the escape process, we will be able to use the help of animals and many other things. So when we catch a penguin we will ride it. This increases the speed, and thus the distance traveled. Having jumped on an eagle, we will fly and sit down on a yeti - we will run. Sometimes luck and a sleigh appear along the way. Having stabilized in it, we will be able to pick up animals "in the reserve".

Each animal on the mountainside has different attributes for heroes to take advantage of to escape faster. For example, penguins glide faster, snow gorillas walk slower, hawks can fly higher into the air. Each will bring another advantage to Sven.

Sometimes on the mountainside, Sven can find super sleighs that can carry lots of animals and maintain a very high top speed.

Complete the goals to upgrade Sven and increase your score. Riding animals, make backflips to increase points, climb the high score charts easily.