SiriusXM is a free radio application that brings a variety of entertainment content, from music to sports programs, entertainment information. This is an application that gives you a lot of The choice is also interesting as the user uses it.

SiriusXM is a very rich non-commercial music site with not only a variety of music tracks but also offers online sports shows, news, and talk shows along with hot 24/7 entertainment. SiriusXM offers more than 300 channels including music channels, sports channels, and the Howard Stern program. There are also three subscription models to choose from based on the type of content you want to hear. SiriusXM also supports cross-platform with many car radios. The application is gradually becoming better and more stable to become one of the most valuable radio applications.

Owning SiriusXM users will have the best listening rights wherever you want. The most diverse, deepest of music. More sports than anywhere. The best leisure insurance around. All types of comedies. And the most complete news, time. Plus, enjoy it all while easily discovering new channels and shows recommended for you based on your listening preferences.

Features of siriusXM

- Enjoy over 300 channels of music, talk, comedy, news, sports talk, podcasts and more, including ads-free Xtra channels filled with music created for any mood, occasion or activity. Listen to great music on Home Radio, enjoy faith-based channels and shows, access custom shows and concerts, and more.

- Get hourly updates and hear from experts on coronavirus on SiriusXM's Doctor Radio. Capture stories, comments and analysis from leading cable news sources and business networks in real-time, 24/7. Follow politics from the left, right and anywhere in between.

- Create personalized stations with no ads provided by Pandora based on your favorite artists.

- Find the music you want to listen to, right now and without ads.

- Discover over 100 Xtra channels without ads, filled with music for any mood, occasion or activity.

- Watch SiriusXM videos of groundbreaking interviews, intimate music concerts & episodes from the Howard Stern Show.

How to use siriusXM

SiriusXM is one of the best free smartphone apps developed by Sirius XM Radio Inc. After downloading the free app to your device, enter your username and password to start listening on your Android smartphone to enjoy your favorite SiriusXM program.