Share Now

Share Now is an easy to use app that allows car owners to share digital keys with other drivers, eliminating the need for an in-person handoff. Popular in traditional and p2p car rental, ShareNow facilitates a seamless and hassle-free rental experience between owner and renter.

Our Share Now app lets you enjoy flexible, free-floating car rental without rental offices or return stations. Rent a car directly from the street and leave it anywhere in the Home Area in your city.

It is cars with benefits – all the perks, no strings attached. Only pay for what you use. Parking is for free within the Home Area. No need to reserve in advance, refuel, or pay for extra insurance.

A car-sharing joint venture between car2go and DriveNow, ShareNow is a disruptive new way of car rental. Sign up in just 2 minutes and drive into your next adventure. All you need is the free ShareNow app.

Why wait around for a ride? Locate, reserve, and unlock your car with just the ShareNow app.

Features of ShareNow

• See all cars available in your city and worldwide

• Choose from hundreds of smart, MINI, Mercedes-Benz and/or BMW cars in your city

• Reserve a car for 15-20 minutes (Europe) or 30 minutes (North America)

• Start a car rental and unlock the car using just your smartphone

• See the full Home Area for your city – where you can park your car for free anywhere on the street

• Find carsharing-only parking spots for exclusive ShareNow parking

• Book a package to save on the minute rate

• Drive our cars in another ShareNow country

Do you want to? Join ShareNow and become one of 4 million SHARE NOW users worldwide. Start sharing, smarter. Signing up is quick and easy using the app.


How to use ShareNow:

- Download the app and create an account.

- Share a “digital key” with a renter who has reserved your car.

- Leave the physical keys somewhere out of sight in your car. Renters will then use the ShareNow app (the digital key) to access the car and retrieve the keys.

- When the rental ends, the renter will no longer have access to your car.