Shadow Fight

Shadow Fight apk is a close mix of Fighting and classic RPG. This game allows you to equip loads of lethal weapons and rare armor, and has dozens of lifelike animated martial arts techniques! When the thrilling Fantasy storyline opens, you will fight with countless unique enemies and defeat the evil bosses.

Crush your enemies, humiliate demon bosses and be the one who closes the Dark Gate. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump and slash to win? There is only one way to find out.

The combat system for Shadow Fight 2 is quite different from most 2D fighting games. To control Shadow, your hero, you must use a joystick that allows you to move in all directions. In addition, depending on where you need the joystick when pressing the attack button, you will perform different movements.

Shadow returns to a place where his Sensei resides. His sensei scoffed at him as "useless", but quickly became serious. Sensei checks the Shadow to see if he can keep his fighting ability. He tries Shadow against a punching bag, and at a glance concludes that Shadow still possesses some fighting potential. Shadow uses a different fighting style from those who have no other weapons.

Features of Shadow Fight game

- Kill your enemies with exciting, intuitive controls

All-new battle interface specially designed for touch screens.

- Rush into epic combat sequences, shown in incredible detail by one

Brand new animation system.

- Customize your fighters with epic swords, nunchacku, armor suits, magical powers, and more.

- Journey through six different worlds full of terrifying demons in

This adrenaline-filled fighting RPG with engaging, compelling storylines.

How to play Shadow Fight game

Shadow is the main character and the main character of Shadow Fight 2. He is the character that the player controls throughout the game. Shadow is a legendary warrior driven by his arrogance to find an opponent worthy of his skill. In the process, he ends up opening the Gates of Shadows and loses his physical body to the Devil, who is then freed. Seeking to regain his seal of evil and close the Gates of Shadows once again, he intends to drive away the evil he has liberated in the world.

In the adventure of Shadow Fight 3, you will confront all kinds of enemies, each with their own appearance, shape and behavior. You will come across very aggressive opponents, those who constantly attack you as well as others who will know how to anticipate your mistakes.

Finally, Shadow meets Hermit. Hermit invites Shadow to a battle to see if he is adept enough to please him. During the fight, Hermit retains the original. But when Shadow showed off his talent, Hermit immediately stepped up his game, using extremely advanced techniques. Hermit introduces his legendary magic, firing electric bolts and exploding water. He also unleashes his own self-controlling thunderstorm that causes lightning to strike the ground.

Although you can fight hands not only with your feet and fists to attack enemies, in Shadow Fight 2, you can also buy and use dozens of different weapons and magic. Sword, ax, trunche, fire ... everything works to win a battle.

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