Shadow Fight 3 apk is part 3 of the popular Shadow Fight fighting game series on the phone. Shadow Fight 3 continues to challenge swordsmanship with many dangerous opponents on colorful 3D graphics.

The famous fighting style fighting guillotine fighting series is back. In this third part, you enter the world of darkness at the intersection of day and night. In this dim setting, you will uncover all the dark secrets and become the best warrior you've ever seen in this land.

In Shadow Fight 3, you will play a hero with unspecified fate. Choose from 3 different fighting styles, experiment and combine weapons, learn a few new moves and explore a vast, challenging, but surprisingly exciting adventure world.

You will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of a real battle built and designed with modern technology and smooth animation.

Shadow Fight 3 game has 3 unique fighting styles for players to choose from. Collect skills, perks, weapons, equipment and combine them the way you want. Show off your agility, charm, power, mystery and death through character upgrades.

Shadow Fight 3 takes the fighting game genre to a whole new level of technology. Colorful graphics, smooth motion, realistic physics effects create a vivid picture, a real-world never seen before.

Shadow Fight 3 apk is a game that changes according to the story. Players will find themselves in a dangerous world that is approaching the threshold of a big fight that you are in the middle of. 3 powerful factions split lands and confront each other. Which side are you on? Decide your own fate.

Shadow Fight 3 has a large number of weapons and armor. If you've ever dreamed of owning a collection of rare war gear, this is the chance. The world of darkness has great rewards for the most adventurous. Collect legendary equipment, combine and upgrade it, use in tactics and perk of death. Defeating enemies in your own style, it all just depends on your imagination.


- Players will turn to each location to destroy a certain oligarchy ninja. However, before that, you have to defeat all his minions, from weak to strong before you can fight this ninja boss. Shadow Fight 3 uses an animated graphic style, similar to the hit Japanese anime series.

- Simple gameplay, attractive. Shadow Fight 3 interface has been improved so that it is optimal when playing on touch screen devices.

- Journey into the world of ninjas, experience 6 different stories, confront the scary evil spirits in this stimulating fighting role-playing game.

- Equip your character with the most modern and appropriate weapons: from short swords, long swords, to nunchaku, protective armor or even talismans.

- Smooth motion and realistic physics

- The mechanism to fight in spectacular darkness

- Lots of equipment and weapons to collect

- Stunning images

- 3 cliques and unique fighting style

- Hundreds of perks and super powerful moves

- Character creation tool

- Diverse battle modes