Set TV APK is an IPTV application that provides more than 700 live channels for Firestick and other Android-powered devices. This is a paid app and gives you the freedom to watch your favorite channels anywhere, even when you're not at home in front of the TV. Currently this application has been used by a lot of people, with increasing numbers. There are many channels in different languages, through which users around the world can find the programs that have the languages ​​they want to watch. Download Eternal Tv apk here.


Set TV APK offers more than 700 live channels so you can watch satellite channels on TV without having to buy expensive cable TV subscriptions or connect satellite dishes to all programs with content. rich as movie genres, music, sports,...

The application contains both channels for children and it is suitable for all age groups. Programs that contain adult content that you don't want your children to see, you can set the lock for those programs.

All channels are streamed in HD quality to provide you with seamless, high-definition and uninterrupted programming.
This application requires a fee, with the price provided about $ 20.

The application is compatible with most Android devices and gives you the freedom to watch your favorite channels anywhere, anytime. You don't need to go to a movie theater, but you can still watch great movies with your loved ones right at home.

Set TV APK is an IPTV application, IPTV broadcasts live satellite channels currently being broadcast and is not content uploaded to the server. IPTV gives you the freedom to watch live channels anytime, anywhere as long as you have an application like Set TV. Set TV offers a full 24-hour trial that you can receive once you have registered, an email will be sent to you with your login information to use Set TV free trial for a day.

After finishing 24 hours of trial, you can register one of the available packages such as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months packages. The higher the package, the more money you will receive. When your 24-hour trial ends, you can sign up for one of the available insurance plans. Plans start at $ 20 per month, giving you access to all over 500 channels in 30 days.

For this service, users can easily access customer support by submitting a contact form on the Set TV website.

You can enjoy movies and TV shows in many different languages ​​like English, French and Japanese ... these are all very popular languages, so you can easily understand the content of the the show you want to watch.

How to play Set TV APK?

Set TV APK is downloaded to the application and installed to your computer easily. You then register the packages as you like and watch any channel you like. To watch a specific TV channel or show, you can search in the app's search bar or you can search any category. This is one of the applications that many people choose and trust, it is sure that it will bring you a lot of fun and rewarding time.

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