SeTracker is an application that helps manage wrist watches and GPS navigation function for children, helping to ensure safety for your children when they are out of their parents' eyes, and supervising their children 24/24 via phone thanks to the feature Global positioning accurate to the meter.

We have all heard of many cases of children being kidnapped, missing or lost. Concerned about safety for their children, many parents choose a child-watch to monitor their children. In addition to the ability to track instant location, these watches also have emergency call buttons, two-way conversations, remote recording .... And to connect with the clock location, monitoring, management To manage children remotely, you need to install the SeTracker application on your phone.

Through the SeTracker application on your phone you can see exactly where your child is right on the map, the path he has just passed. In addition, parents can set a virtual geographic boundary on the map on the phone and you will be notified when your child moves outside the area.

You can also converse with your child by sending a voice message. Thanks to that, you can talk to your children, ask them what they are doing, where or how they feel ... SeTracker also allows you to send interesting rewards to you as a red heart. love or encouragement.

Se Tracker users can receive low battery alarm messages, SOS emergency messages. You can also set a clock for the remote clock, or send a command for the clock to ring.

Features of SeTracker

- Monitoring GPS navigation watches for children

- Send voice messages, send alerts to parents

- Show location on map, track kids

- Set an order for the clock to ring

- Save the emergency numbers

How to install app SeTracker on your phone

1. Sign up for an account

- Scan or enter the ID of the watch into the app: Each device has only a unique ID, it can only be used once and that is access to connect between the watch and phone. Normally, you can find the ID number on the back of the watch or outside the box.

- Select server language and location: After scanning the device ID, enter the account name and password into the app. You must select a language and a server in your area before completing the registration.

2. Log in

- Use your username and password to login.

- Last step: Install the SIM card in the watch and save the S.O.S numbers into contacts.

After registering, SeTracker will redirect users to the application's menu, from here, you can use your phone to control the watch.

With a wealth of useful functions, SeTracker closely connects to children's positioning watches and allows you to monitor children 24/24, ensure their safety, and help you get closer to them