Security Master

Security Master is a software designed specifically for Android phones, providing features such as antivirus, cleaning and data protection in the phone, as well as smart application lock, hiding history. Browser and increase system performance.

Open Security Master and the first thing you'll notice is the performance analyzer for your Android device. You can use this tool to detect if your device is performing at its best if a virus or junk file is slowing down your device. When you know what may be slowing down your device, you can improve its performance and RAM. This application also allows you to close any applications or processes running in the background.

At the top of the scanner, Security Master provides other features accessible from the drop down menu on the left side of the screen. That menu has a few different tabs, each with a method to improve your device performance. For example, use the storage tab to free up space by clearing the cache of commonly used apps, removing the APKs that still get cached after installing apps, and deleting other unnecessary files, such as temporary files. Using this function daily will keep your device clean and have as much space available as possible.

But that is not all! The security manager also allows you to manage all the applications installed on your device. Easily uninstall application groups by selecting the application you want to delete and pressing 'uninstall'. Keep your phone running at peak performance with Security Master.

Security Master integrates an intelligent diagnostic system, offering many attractive features such as antivirus, phone cleaning, increasing the performance of the phone. Not only that, but Security Master software also creates a secure connection via the VPN SafeConnect network, establishes a secure cyber environment, effectively prevents hackers from invading the system.

Security Master features personal message protection and application lock depending on user needs and security such as Bluetooth & Wifi, incoming calls, recently used applications, settings, images. photo, etc. In particular, the software alerts users when strangers try to unlock the phone, hide browser history and provide a safe browsing experience.

Features of Security Master

- Remove viruses, clean and protect Android phones.

- Smart application lock.

- Intelligent error diagnosis

- Warning when someone unlocked the phone.

- Hide browser history.