Sea Port

Play Sea Port, a ship management simulation and strategy! Build your own city on an island and become a shipping tycoon! This is a relaxing commercial and city building sim that will make you a wealthy tycoon of a sea empire.

The scariest event of the year is here. Meet Mary Celeste's captain Briggs and uncover the mysteries behind this famous ghost ship story. There are many ghost ships in the store that you can add to your fleet. Participate in the pumpkin collecting competition and win a special expedition ship. You will also have to fight a dark creature from deep with other players in Global Missions. That and more are waiting for you at this Seaport Halloween event.

Features OF Sea Port

- Build your gate

Enhance new buildings and manage material production. Build a home port of the largest fleet of your friends!

- Complete contracts from famous sailors and explorers

- Sail on uncharted waters and discover new lands

Attracted by the unknown? Discover new destinations that expand your world. Sail the seas and trade with exotic materials and goods

- Expand and manage your fleet

Relive the history of sailing boats by collecting real historical ships. Join famous explorers in their adventures and complete contracts to get special rewards.

- Dominate sea trade

- Build your shipping empire in your pocket and become a manager of boats, steam ships and container ships. Build it now!

- Don't leave your fleet idle for too long but use it to trade various materials and goods

How to play Sea Port GAME

To become a transportation business tycoon, you need to master the strategy and management of your fleet. Build your small town into a city and then to a dream ship empire. This train simulator will allow you to experience real train trading, fleet management and city building.

You start with a small fishing village on the coast. Build our village, raise new buildings and manage the production of materials as you progress through the game.
Build many buildings in your town, including a warehouse where all your goods will be traded. In our game, you do not need a landfill, all ships will stay with you in the museum as your property.

Establish your megomon island in the company of other players. The right strategy is important for a thriving business but you will never lose your assets, not in the landfill nor any pirates. Your empire will always be safe in your pocket

Do you have what it takes to become a successful port city builder? Do not let the ambition of becoming a transport tycoon are just idle dreams. Build it now at Seaport, the best commercial and ship management simulator!