Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2 apk is the sequel to the Sea Battle game. Sea Battle 2 is the game we’ve all known since childhood, now with new features and an extended arsenal! Millions of people around the world play this game. You will have ships, planes, submarines, mines, radars and much more at your disposal. Place your ships on the board, attack the opponent’s positions, and use your vast arsenal to sink the opponent’s ships. Create your own strategy and don’t leave your opponents a single chance!

This version is played in the same way as the original so, before starting, you have to place your ships over the grid and wait for your opponent to do the same. Once the game has started you have to indicate the coordinates of your shot with a number and a letter. If your shot is successful, a symbol appears telling you to keep trying your luck around that area to sink that specific ship.

As Sea Battle 2 game is a game played by thousands of people every day, you won't have any problem finding an opponent at any time. The good thing about it being online is that you'll always have someone to play with and you'll know they won't be able to cheat by trying to find out where you put your ships. The more games you win, the higher you'll rank, and if you want to practice you can play against the AI.

Additionally, this app lets you stay in contact with your opponents so you can chat while you play. That way, you can make friends and get to know people enjoying a game that's as entertaining as it is frenetic.

The instructions for this game are very simple. You must place your ships on the board. After that, you must attack the opponent’s positions with your arsenal.

Features of Sea Battle 2

- Fight online

Confront opponents from around the world, representing your platform. Each player can produce the final outcome of the battle.

- Ranking

Win to climb to the next level, from a poor soldier to an experienced admiral

- Play with the machine

Select the appropriate difficulty level and try to defeat the opponent AI (artificial intelligence). Earn points and increase your rank.

- Play with friends via Bluetooth

Engage in battles with friends, colleagues or other random players through Bluetooth connectivity.

- Play with friends on the same device

Enjoy the game together on the same phone or tablet. You and your friends take turns placing their ships on the table, then enjoy the excitement and excitement of the


- Chat and create profiles

Stay in touch with your opponents in battle with in-game chat. Choose a great name and a flag for your fleet.

- Select and configure game modes

You can play in classic or advanced mode. Modify the arsenal as needed.

- There are global leaderboards in which the general victories are counted.

It is a very good funny classic game. We have reminded the old times when we were a child.

How to play Sea Battle 2 game

Use the mouse to play this game.