Score Hero

Score Hero apk is a football game worth playing for those who love to score. This is a soccer game with sharp 3D graphics to bring the experience of rolling on the pitch very real for players. The game possesses 660 challenging levels, a variety of item systems to customize costumes and appearance for the character and some other very attractive features.

Passing, kicking, and scoring is the three main skills a player needs if he wants to quickly make himself a star in Score Hero. Compared to the famous football game today like FIFA 16, Score Hero owns a completely different gameplay. It has a unique color that makes the player feel satisfied. Instead of 90-minute matches, in this game, players only compete in crucial moments and the goal is to score goals against the opponent. No time to "die", not tired of pursuing the ball continuously, instead what you need to do is focus on tactics and skills to put the ball into the net.

Score Hero brings something extremely interesting to every gamer. That is, you can turn your character into a scoring machine or simply play in any position in the squad and enjoy winning together. You can be the goalkeeper, striker, defender ..., hold different positions when you play and whether you win or lose, it is always a very refreshing relaxing moment.

Features of Score Hero apk

Score Hero left the impression of the player besides the beautiful images and there are many other great features such as:

- The game gives you over 660 challenging levels.

- Diverse types of tasks such as scoring goals to win prizes and spoils, changing clubs, changing nationalities for players .....

- A place where you can freely show your skills and build your own tactics.

- With simple gameplay easy for the player to control the ball with flexible control gives the player can enjoy the absolute great moment.

- 3D graphics with realistic effects extremely beautiful.

- Customizable characters with a variety of items included.

- Connect to Facebook to challenge as well as entertain with friends and friends.

- Log in to the game to be honored on the Leaderboard rankings, competing with the position of many formidable cabinets.

- Synchronize game progress with your Google Play Cloud account.

- Engaging Story charting your entire career as a player, and more!

- The game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money, so players should be aware of this issue.

- This application contains third party advertising. Unsolicited ads are disabled if you purchase in-game currency from the store.

How to play Score Hero game

Similar to other soccer games for mobile, players will also control the trajectory of the ball by swiping on the screen and when the ball is passed to another character, the game will completely change.