Samsung Music

Samsung Music is a free music application that is perfectly optimized for Samsung smartphones. Download the application for your device, users will own and enjoy great songs with high-quality sound and many powerful music features.

The new dynamic playlist interface is designed to make navigating through playlists faster and easier while still having a clear overview. Every song can be quickly accessed with just one or two touches. Combined with the compact design, smooth user experience, few applications can match it. Besides, this tool supports most popular music file formats. Users can also manage playlists by category like other music players on a beautiful interface.

Samsung Music allows players to easily read, modify or delete songs from their internal memory or device memory card. At the same time, the application also supports users with voice control such as playing music, stopping, changing tracks or reducing the Volume. Samsung Music users easily interact with Samsung smart devices.
Below mandatory permission is required for basic features of Samsung Music.

Even if optional permission is denied, basic features may work properly.

1. STORAGE permission:

- Allows the player to write, modify, delete to SD card.

- It allows the player to read data from the SD card.

2. MICROPHONE permission: Galaxy S4, Note3, Note4 only

- Allows controlling the player with voice commands which are listening, not recording.

ex: play, pause, next, previous, volume up, volume down

3. PHONE permission: Korean devices only.

- Verify your phone when using the music service.

Features of Samsung Music:

- Support playback of various audio formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC.

- Support managing the playlist effectively by category (song, album, artist, genre, folder, composer)

- Bring a new user experience, easy to interact with Samsung smart devices such as Tablet, TV (DLNA, Screen mirroring), Wearable.

- It provides a clean and intuitive user interface.

- Samsung Music displays playlist suggestions from Spotify. You can find recommended Spotify music using the Spotify tab and search for your favorite Spotify music.

(The Spotify tab is only available in countries where Spotify is operating.)

How to use Samsung Music:

This is an application that many people choose because of its easy-to-use features, besides its eye-catching interface, smart arrangement ability, good sound quality and even free is a great plus. for this application. Once installed, you can use it to enjoy great songs, high-quality sound, and powerful music playback features. Therefore, do not hesitate to download Samsung Music for Android and experience it yourself.