Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 apk is a long-distance racing game on Android and iOS mobile devices. Released in recent times, it is not unexpected that Rush Rally 3 has made a great deal of buzz among gamers who love racing.

Basically, Rush Rally 3, though much improved, still does not lose the "wild" nature of the road bends. 72 races along with a lot of different vehicles bring a breakthrough in richness and diversity compared to the same genre games, or specifically Rush Rally 2. The weather effects also be supplemented and carefully depicted with a continuous day and night cycle over time. However, the highlight of Rush Rally 3 seems to be the upgraded FPS (Frame Rate). With FPS 60, players can absolutely get the drift phase or even the "smoothest" bumps.

On the other hand, when placing Rush Rally 3 on the scale compared to other super products like Asphalt 9 or CSR Racing 2, it's hard to find the winner. Each game has its own unique, but perhaps Rush Rally 3 will be a little better, at least with the honesty that the movement in the game brings. It's not as flashy as Asphalt 9, nor is it as rigid as CSR Racing 2. What Brownmonster built is really at the standard level.

Weather elements will have a certain influence on the race in this version. Rain or snow will make it a little difficult to see or slippery, but in return, the race in the early morning sun will make you feel more relaxed than ever. It is not difficult for players to immerse themselves in the roads in the game of Brownmonster.

The graphics of Rush Rally 3 are considered to be relatively good, but sometimes this "relative" causes mobile devices to become quickly drained of battery, even lagging with weak machines. . However, this is not a factor that is worrying because you can completely customize the performance to your liking to suit the device you are using.

FEATURES OF Rush Rally 3

Rally quality console game: Race at 60fps at night or during the day, when it rains or blows. Rush Rally for iOS has more than 72 new and unique levels. Each stage has different terrain types such as snow, gravel, asphalt and dirt road.

Rally world racing game: Enter Career mode, race A-B races or a Single Rally race, compete with other riders in Rally Cross.

Build your own garage: Upgrade, refine and customize a garage containing many different types of racing cars. Use new editing features to completely change the appearance of the vehicle. Buy new wheels and upgrade to make each car unique.

Compete with friends, multiplayer and offline: Real-time multiplayer racing, world rankings, Ghost Racing mode let you compete against every player at any time. Compare your ability with the best riders in the world.

Controls are optimized: A customizable control system, specially designed for touch or tilt control.