RunKeeper is a useful fitness application that helps users manage their running activities effectively, RunKeeper allows you to set goals and track the progress of your workout, suitable for every pair of users, from ordinary people to professional marathon runners.

RunKeeper is designed with an intuitive interface and simple usage. Users just need to remove shoes, step outside, perform a few boot movements, press the Start button to activate the program, and start running. Immediately a chart will show the number of steps you have run in a minute, along with speed, distance and finally the average speed. Best Stop when you stop running to get the most accurate figures.

RunKeeper also allows users to run and enjoy music by combining with the iPod application. The application helps you know the exact speed and track every day to facilitate tracking for workouts. This can be considered as a professional coach who always goes by the side to check the achievements after each run.

RunKeeper integrates a range of useful features such as a running program via GPS, walking program, cycle training, exercise, and weight tracking, all in one compact tool, the interface intuitive and easy to use.

RunKeeper can track your steps, measure your running distance, integrate weight charts, exercise goals, and more. RunKeeper was voted the best running app in 2012 by LifeHacker.

RunKeeper is the simplest method to improve your workouts, whether you've ever failed to plan your daily cycling or long-distance marathon in the usual way. Specifically, RunKeeper will track the user's running, walking, cycling or exercise, and all other physical activities through GPS global positioning system.

Feature of RunKeeper

Calculate running speed, average speed, distance, altitude, and calories burned of any workout activity, with high accuracy and in real-time.

Find and track ready-made routes and view your route on the map.

Subscribe to existing exercise programs or create new with audio support.

Update the audio as you exercise with the goal of total mileage, total calories burned, speed, number of steps, and distance.

Synchronize Bluetooth Smart or ANT + heart rate monitor (such as Wahoo Blue HR, Polar H7, Garmin HRM ...) to monitor your heart rate and keep your heart rate in a safe area.

Use the Pebble smartwatch to keep track of all stats, directly on your wrist.

Integrates seamlessly with the music player on the device.

Easily add exercise programs with indoor machines or Yoga.