Rules of Survival is a completely new arena of survival with epic fierce survival battles. Despite being born late, Rules of Survival quickly became one of the survival games that resonated greatly in the online community and took a long time to occupy the top 1 mobile games.

Rules of Survival not only follows the gameplay, an extremely beautiful graphic but also has a light capacity and is completely free. This is really important because not all gamers want to spend money to own a game. Because of the factors in accordance with user needs, Rules of Survival has just launched has created an unexpected appeal.
In Rules of Survival, you will be one of 120 players parachuting onto a large deserted island. Through exciting and unique shooting, the ultimate goal is to become the only survivor on the fiery battlefield.

The safe area is getting narrower and shorter, you have to race against the spread of poison gas, escape the enemy's sights and death can come at any time. Can be played in single player mode or team up with friends. Pick up weapons scattered on the map, or rob other players combined with intelligence and your own tactics to survive until the last minute. In addition to shooting, you also have to learn how to control the cars on the battlefield. The challenge lies in different types of terrain, directly affecting the speed and fuel consumption of the vehicle.

On the huge battlefield of 120 players, the open world is divided into many areas with a large area. The game challenges players with many different terrain types, from abandoned houses, mountains, bushes ... suitable for hiding and long-range shooting or melee.

The strength of Rules of Survival lies in the realistic graphics to every detail. The whole game scene in general and details such as houses, trees ... are reproduced vividly like the real thing. So, to play games smoothly and stably, you need a phone or a mid-range computer or more.


- Run or fight: play games with worthy opponents on the vast HD map

- Fight alone or in groups in a battle of 120 people

- Choose from a variety of modern machine guns, equipment, and accessories

- Drive on different terrains to move to the new battlefield

Rules of Survival brings players attractive survival content, on the basis of quality graphics, all the components of the game are reproduced faithfully, combined with extremely attractive game content that surprises many people. attractive to players. Download Rules of Survival brings a rich arsenal of modern to choose players, can play single or with other teammates fight to survive.