Root Explorer

If you are looking for an application that supports file management for Android devices, then Root Explorer will be a great choice for you. Utility helps manage all files in the system professionally and neatly. Also remove unnecessary functions and store your favorite items and files for faster access.

Root Explorer is a must-use manager for rooted Android mobile devices. Through Root Explorer, users can access the entire file system on their phone or tablet.

With Root Explorer, users have complete control over the files stored in their mobile phones. This is a multifunctional file manager that allows users to access and control all files on Android and store files remotely on popular extension cloud services like Google Drive, DropBox, and SugarSync accounts. In addition, you can control individual files of the same type such as photos, music, videos, documents ... Basic file handling operations such as renaming, deleting, moving, compressing and sharing done quickly with just a few touches on the screen.

Root Explorer also provides a range of file management features like any application that supports the same features, including: copying, removing, renaming, deleting or sharing files from any location in saved areas. storage. Root Explorer can help control files on internal memory, microSD memory card, local area network and accounts on cloud services easily.

Users using Root Explorer for file management can organize their data files according to different functions such as file name, application, creation date, capacity ... all are displayed correctly. The same permission allows you to completely master. The application also allows you to arrange files and folders alphabetically, so that searching is also faster and more convenient. You only need to type the file name or initial letter, the utility will take you to the file location to search. Moreover, with the apk file is also displayed the application icon even before installation. This will help you know if the file is corrupt or not.

In addition, if Root Explorer is installed, users can update to the latest version with lots of additional notable upgrades. Such as a new option to enable or disable automatic opening when connected to any USB device. Or, by default, the automatic boot feature for USB devices will be turned off. You can enable this feature easily in the settings. Why to turn off this feature? Because on the Galaxy Note 4, the Root Explorer app will automatically open whenever you restart your computer due to receiving a USB connection message even when there is no USB device.

FEATURES of Root Explorer

- Display SQLite database

- Edit text

- Create and decompress compressed files in zip, tar, gzip format

- Execute the script code

- Search

- Send files

- Create thumbnails for image files

- Display binary APK file

- Change the file name

Not only has the function of a file browser, Root Explorer for Android also allows users to back up the device's data such as machine information, machine code, files, music, photos ... With the interface and harmonious colors Easy to use, logical layout and very smart tool buttons, Root Explorer application is highly appreciated from users around the world. Download Root Explorer really necessary for your phone. In addition, in the application store of, there is also a lulubox and kingroot application that helps you manage files and folders for your phone.