Root Car Insurance

Root Car Insurance is best for non-hurry drivers to get insurance and are looking for low rates. Rooting is an easier, more affordable way to secure your stuff. Good drivers can save up to 52% on car insurance. Renters insurance starts at only $ 6 / month when you come with the car. That's affordable coverage for the most important stuff and it's all in the Root app.

Root Insurance gives drivers a promise that most others don't: auto insurance rates are mostly based on how you drive. To get a car insurance quote from Root, first use Drive Test Drive, where you let the company's app track your driving behavior for two to three weeks.

Feature of Root Car Insurance

- Original car insurance: Unlike traditional car insurance companies based on your demographics, like your age, marital status or gender, we use a mobile app to measure driving behavior and base prices primarily based on how people actually drive. By removing bad drivers from the equation, we can keep prices low. Good drivers save up to 52%. There is a reason we were featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, Wired, Washington Post, and Fortune Magazine.

- Good drivers save up to 52%: Drive-by Root application to get a free quote.

- Car insurance, all in one app: Customize to fit your budget and pay for your policy

- Original member benefits: Good discounts for auto drivers, Roadside assistance is included in all policies, Freeride on selected holidays, Earn referral bonuses

- Original tenant insurance: If you rent a house, apartment, or apartment, you can get tenant insurance for only $ 6 / month. And it doesn't just include things in your home. Your belongings are protected even when you bring them to the world, like when you travel.

Original insurance. There is no agent. Undocumented. There is no hassle. Bring simple, affordable insurance nationwide. Get the good driver discount you deserve, and make sure all your stuff gets less coverage. To get started, download the Root app today.

Start saving money with car insurance mainly based on how you drive. Insurance package with tenants for a 5% discount. Download the Root app and get a quote right now.


A few great things about Root Car Insurance are:

- Customers have access to request 24/7 support via phone. Typically, insurance companies that carry most of their business through a mobile application will have no easily accessible representatives.

- Complaints are usually paid within 7 to 10 business days, which is impressive considering some competitors may take several weeks to process a complaint."