Rise Up

Besides the role-playing games, strategy games that are always popular with players, the entertainment games like how to download and play Rise Up apk games below will be a way to help you have for yourself the time. Relaxing and relaxing space after hard working and studying hours. Rise up is one of the 10 hottest games of 2019, this title is given based on the number of people who download Rise up on popular game download sites. So simple a white balloon, why is it so attractive? Let's explore!

Rise Up is an endless runner game where your goal is to make the balloon journey as long as possible, scoring the higher the score the better. But you will not directly control the dodged ball to avoid the left to avoid obstacles, but is responsible for clearing the way for it.

With a simple control mechanism, you just need to use your fingertip to drag, knock, push obstacles of different shapes, in order to create a path for the balloon to fly. Each type of obstacle requires you to apply a different tactic. The difficulty of the game increases with time as the speed of flight of the ball will get faster and faster, and the number of obstacles appearing more and more. They vary in type, shape and mode of operation, so moving these obstacles to open paths requires people to be really flexible and react quickly.

Features of Rise Up

- Simple and addictive gameplay. Playing Rise Up is simple but attractive. If you do not master the emotions and time you are very susceptible to this game.

- Simple design, not distracting. With a lot of entertainment, you can see that Rise Up is designed as the game image.

- Funny sounds. Playing Rise Up you will feel extremely relaxing and comfortable next to an engaging gameplay. Playful melodies in the game also help you dispel the stress, fatigue.

How to play Rise Up

Step 1: You start the game after you've downloaded and installed successfully on the device.

Step 2: At the game interface for the first time, we will turn on the button Allow this application to access the device system as well as confirm the Agreement with the game system account login.

Step 3: And then, we will immediately learn the game Rise Up game by clicking the Play icon, and you click on the screen to start the game.

Step 4: The task in this game is very simple, that is you use your finger to swipe and control the circular icon on the screen to prevent obstacles that explode the ball at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Your ball will explode when any one object falls down and touches the ball. And when the ball explodes, you will have the option to watch the ad to continue your flight or click No, thanks to end the game.