Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker - One of the most popular ringtone creation applications today, where you can cut and customize easily with this tool. With this application, users will be free to create free ringtones without any quantity limit on your Android device. Besides, users can also easily customize phone ringtones, message tones, and email notification tones for free from their music library.

Ringtone maker allows creating unlimited ringtones, directly on your smartphone. Instead of having to use pre-installed music tracks on your device that can be boring, using a 3rd party app will help you create impressive ringtones with your favorite tunes.

Ringtone Maker allows users to create unlimited custom ringtones, message alerts, and other notification tones using the music in the system music library itself. In addition, users can also customize phone ringtones as well as message alerts for everyone in the phone book, transfer ringtones to computers, upload to Dropbox or send via email as an attachment. included to be able to download this ringtone on any device; Sharing with friends or family members via Email is also an interesting option!

This advanced ringtone creation tool offers lots of options. Based on the award-winning web service technology, you have the option to edit tracks created by online users or the option to drag and drop to edit and create your own ringtones. within seconds.

Feature of Ringtone Maker:

- Create and save unlimited ringtones using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

- Convert any song from your personal music library to a ringtone on iDevice.

- Unique ringtone maker, notification alert tone, notification tone from song or audio clip.

- Record arbitrary sound and save as ringtone.

- Create an unlimited number of ringtones, custom length up to 40 seconds.

- Support popular audio formats (MP3, M4A).

- Support effects loud and small.

- Integrated ringtone manager to manage and share created ringtones easier.

- Share ringtones with friends and family via Email.

- Share ringtones with 3rd party applications.

How to use Ringtone Maker:

This is an application that is easy to use because the interface and design are very neat and beautiful. Once you've downloaded Ringtone Maker to your device, open the app and choose a favorite song from your device's ‘Music’ library. Then use the slider and adjust button to create ringtones according to your needs.