Rider apk is a fantastic browser version of the epic game that has stormed the world over. This game is inspired by the fantastic Tron movie and world, and you can ride an awesome 2D neon bike on a series of never ending neon platforms.

Features of Rider

16 different bikes to unlock

Exciting stunts

Nice graphics

Addictive gameplay

How to play Rider game

Step 1: First, you access the CH Play application and type in the search bar of this application with the keyword: Rider.

Step 2: Click on the game with the name and icon as shown below. Then click Settings -> Accept when a message appears.

Step 3: Wait a while for the game Rider to be downloaded and installed on your computer. Then click Open to access the game when the process is complete.

Step 4: The interface of the game Rider when accessing

Step 5: In the game, first press the screen to accelerate the car. Then when you come to the steep slopes, you continue to press the screen to turn the car upside down. The longer you press it, the more rotation there will be and the higher your points will get. However, you should also pay attention to rotate the car appropriately to land properly, if the ground is too close and you still rotate, the car will turn over and have to start the game again.

Step 6: In the game Rider, when you achieve high scores and complete the challenges in that screen will receive special rewards. To play more difficult levels, choose Levels.

Step 7: Rider will divide each level of play from easy to difficult. When you complete the easy level (Easy), you can move to the more difficult levels such as Moderate, Difficult ... To see other levels, click the arrow on the right. Also in each level you can randomly play different levels without order.

Step 8: The game screen is excellent or not corresponding to the number of stars you get after the end. You can get 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars.

Step 9: To buy a new car, select the car symbol.

Step 10: Diamonds will be accumulated after each game screen. Players can use this item to buy a car. 600 diamonds will buy you a new car. You click on the item 600 diamonds, then the game will randomly pick the car for you. Step 11: Every certain time in the game Rider, you will receive a random pass. Click to open the gift box when the word Open appears.