Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys is a game built similar to Pokémon. The goal of the game is to collect Mortys, fight with others (mostly Ricks) and earn badges. During the game, the player controls Rick, starting in Rick's garage when Mysterious Rick walks through a gate and challenges you to the Battle for Life and Death. After defeating him, you must escape through a portal that takes them to the Ricks Council, where their gate gun is confiscated. To regain it, you must defeat the first six Ricks, first have to fight Ricks from other dimensions and get their badges. After defeating them, the final board member is replaced by Mysterious Rick, who has captured the entire council. After the player defeats him, they will have the goal of capturing (capturing) each type of Morty.

Features of Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

The badge is awarded for defeating Ricks and is a key indicator of in-game progress. You can earn as many badges as you want, as you are not restricted to re-entering the gate after reaching the number of badges needed to complete the game.

You can use up to five Mortys that can track Rick anytime. Any other Mortys owned by you will be stored in Morty Day Care. Here, it is possible to combine the same Mortys (for example, two blue robes Mortal). This will "develop" them into a new version (eg Red Shirt Morty). The new Morty's level will be determined by the level of the two Mortys combined.

Manufacturing stations are spread out everywhere and will allow you to combine two or three items together to create better items. These items will be very helpful to you in the game. Crafting stations can be found in the center or in random dungeons. You need recipes to craft items in these crafting stations. There are currently a total of 34 recipes that you can unlock throughout the game, but that can take a lot of time just by scrolling through slow menus to find out.

Basic items (cannot be made through recipes, ingredients found mostly in dungeons) Circuit boards, Tin Can, Cables, Fleeb, Bacterial Cells, Mixed Juice Tubes Fusion, Seed Attack, Defense Seed, Speed ​​Seed.

You can create a username, choose a trainer avatar, and start with choosing three different Mortys, separate from the Campaign. Player levels can be separated by transporting them to different worlds for additional challenges.

How to use Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys game

This game will bring you interesting experiences. You just need to download the device and play according to the instructions.