Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a great racing game from EA and is released completely free on iOS and Android. Although the game has been released for a long time, EA still very hard to release new updates, so this game always has a very strong attraction.

In Real Racing 3, players will encounter 45 famous cars in the world of Porsche, Dodge, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti ... meticulously designed and detailed.

Start, the player will buy a driver, wait until being notified "Shipped" to enter the race. After each race, players will wait to participate in other events to ensure fairness for all gamers.

In the first rounds of the series on Real Racing 3, players will be able to show off their skillful steering wheel in top places in the world such as Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone. , Hockenheimring ...

Your task is very simple in this racing game, as well as other racing games that are racing, racing and racing. And try to control the car very smoothly by tilting the "mobile phone" in the direction you want the car to run and use the brakes. You need as much ingenuity as possible to get your supercar to the finish line first.

The number of vehicles in the game must be said to count incomparably as of the present time, the game supports hundreds of different vehicles for you to choose. From ordinary cars to luxury cars. Each vehicle has a different power so please coordinate 1 rhythmically to always lead the race.

However, to be able to buy 'terrible' cars, the indispensable thing is Gold and R $. Players can plow hard to buy their favorite car or wait for discounts to save costs.

Besides the number of cars, Real Racing 3 game also surprises gamers with the number of their tracks. The tracks are spread across five continents, taking gamers from one place to another, the cool cool European racing tracks or the sunny roads in Arab countries are faithfully reproduced in game.

In addition, Real Racing also offers players a lot of events for gamers to compete together like Pro / AM World Series, Dubai Autodrome Showcase or Auto Battle Royale. However, if you want to join these major tournaments, players will need to have certain vehicles.

Real Racing 3 apk possesses a fairly simple way of playing, there will be very easy to overcome laps, but there are also extremely sour rounds. Therefore, it is important to upgrade your vehicle regularly so that it does not fall behind quickly. The time for each race is relatively short, so it is suitable for playing stress relief. In addition, EA also allows players to connect with their Facebook accounts to show off their achievements and challenge their friends.