RATP is an application that makes traveling to Paris easier in the palm of your hand. You can make friends with your local friends or participate in more convenient transportation.

If you have health, there's no reason to travel in Paris limited only by taxis and tourist buses. Sure, you can see monuments from a cheesy second floor, or take a taxi home a few hours after joining the club on the Champs-Elysées, if you're even lucky enough to be on an in those clubs, but doing one of these can only cost you more than a weekday subway ticket. Save your money to shop and relax in the cafe and take the subway, which is intended wisely. Currently, there is free wifi at some major metro stations and almost all parks in Paris, so using RATP on the phone is very convenient.

If you can only choose an application you need to download when traveling to Paris, then, of course, it must be RATP. This application will help you plan your itinerary on RER stations, subways, buses, trams, and Transilien (Île-de-France regional train system managed by the French national railway company), Vélib (self-rent bike system in Paris) and Autolib '(electric car system). Moreover, the application also allows you to see the real travel time of public transportation that you use.

RATP is the best friend and guide for locals and tourists alike. Companion and update all public transport services in the city. RATP is the fastest and simplest application for people wishing to travel in urban.

Features of RATP


- Customize your home screen with your favorite real-time information

- Find the best journey to your destination right from the home screen

- Find the subway, RER, Bus, tram and Transilien stations around you

- Get service status and next downtime in real-time anywhere on the RATP network

- Get network and road maps for Metro, RER, Bus, Noctilien, Tramway and airport routes

How to use RATP

You can choose the fastest route from point A to point B, combining buses and subways, but personally I prefer to choose a rail is just an option because I find my subway stop Easier than on the bus.

If you know which station you are headed to, you can choose that station as your destination, or you can decide to choose the address where you are going to be the final destination. The second option selects the station closest to your destination.

To be honest, if you want to save money and show your personality, the RATP app with a bit of fashion sense is really all you need to get started on the right track."