Radarbot is the radar expert that you can use in conjunction with your favorite GPS navigation to avoid surprises on the road. Increase the efficiency of your navigator and detect 100% of fixed and mobile radars. With Radarbot, you don't need to pay too much attention to radar or speed limits so you can focus on what's ahead of you on the road.

Radarbot is your ally on the go. This is the only application that combines real-time Alerts with the best speed camera detection system using GPS. 100% legal and reliable. Drive safe and forget the fine forever. With Radarbot, you will have the best speed camera warning device, real-time traffic warning, and advanced speedometer, all in one powerful application. Rest assured at the wheel without risking your driver's license. Radarbot warns you of all types of speed cameras: Daily updates: We update our speed camera database every day so you can benefit from constant improvements and free updates. charge.

Radarbot is a community of more than 20 million drivers worldwide where you can share and receive voice notifications in real-time. Find out what's going on right away and avoid surprises.

Features of Radarbot:

- Full service. Integrates with any GPS navigator, traffic alert, and radar not included in your regular navigator. It allows users to receive navigation alerts and Speed Cameras.

- Global and UK coverage: Receive speed radar alerts in Edinburgh, London, Cornwall, Nottinghamshire ... and any country in the world.

- Battery saving mode. You will continue to receive alerts while the screen is off. This application can work in the background. You will continue to receive anti-radar alerts even when the screen is off.

- Choose between 4 different views. Includes a 3D mode with augmented reality, in which you will have an accurate view of the location of the speed camera.

- Simple and modern interface. Real-time view of the distance to the nearest camera speed, position, direction, and speed limit.

- Alerts in the direction you are going.

- Warning sound when near speed camera.

- Warning when exceeding the speed limit.

- Mode Vibration mode for motorcyclists does not integrate sound in the helmet.

- No data connection is required to view the location of the speed camera. Internet connection is only required for map view usage.

- It can be integrated with any GPS navigator, such as the Maps application,

- Voice notification of any incident on the most traveled roads across the UK (A1, A38, A30, M4) and any other route worldwide.

- Fully configurable distance and warning parameters.

- Warning in the direction of moving. The application will automatically remove the radar in the opposite direction or from the route.

-Warning speed limit or speed control to avoid speed tickets.

- Fully customizable distance and alert parameters.

- Connection Connect Bluetooth to a multimedia system (including hands-free) or to any music application.

- Verify real-time according to information reported by the user.