Quora apk

Quora is a platform that allows people to share and learn a lot of knowledge from around the world. Here people can ask questions on any topic to get answers from the vast community of people in it and vice versa, you can also give answers to the questions on it. . You can read the knowledge and share your knowledge with others. Learning from the knowledge of people to know many useful things in the world.

Features of Quora

Application that helps you share your knowledge with others. If you have any questions but don't know where to find the answers, this app will quickly help you answer questions from other people in the app.

Helping you with knowledge, you can ask questions on any topic, read high-quality knowledge personalized and relevant to you. You can ask questions to get helpful answers on the issues you care about quickly from a large community here. In addition to your question, other people's answers are also answered by the user community here. You need to wait a bit for other users to respond, though not always.

Questions can cover a wide variety of topics from any area of ​​social life, such as music, sports, study, stress, illness, and psychology...

The knowledge covers many topics shared clearly and accurately by people.

The application is very easy to use and it works better than viewing the web in a browser.

The application supports multiple languages ​​to help you easily translate another language into your own and understand the questions and answers of people in other countries. To install and use this application, you need to allow it to access Device and application activity; Device ID to identify the device; Camera to create posts; Photos / Media / Files for creating posts ...

The application is compatible with most Android and IOS devices, so you can easily use it anywhere, anytime you want. This is great, when you go out without any questions, you can quickly get answers, helping you avoid mistakes.

The application is completely free and easy to use, you do not have to pay a fee to download and use, ask lots of questions to get the correct answers so it is used by very many domestic users and international users.

You can share this application with your friends for them to use and know many things as well as answer their own questions.

No application is perfect, so this application can not avoid the shortcomings, your suggestions will help manufacturers improve the application better.