Quik is a free video editing application that allows you to create beautiful videos from your photo collection, in seconds Quik will find great moments, add beautiful transitions and effects. And synchronize everything into the music.

Through Quik app, users can add up to 75 photos and video clips from the gallery, Album, Google Photos, Dropbox, GoPro Plus, or GoPro Quik Key. The app pulls data from GoPro footage, such as smiles, faces, voices, cheers, speed, dance moves ... and video analysis to pick out great moments. Quik also detects faces and colors to frame each photo perfectly.

Quik Video cutter users can choose from 23 available video styles, each with carefully designed transitions and graphics. You can also easily organize, crop, or rotate photos and video clips. Personalize the story with text effects, title slides, and emoticons. Also, speed up footage or play in slow motion.

How to use Quik:

- Get video images from the gallery

In the main interface of Quik application, you click the plus icon to select video files or photos from your device. Note that if you choose an image, you must choose from 5 or more photos to make a video.

- Choose the effect available by Quik

After selecting the file, you will see many small colored rectangular boxes below the video below. Those are Quik's own topics. You can choose to try each one to see which one you like best.

- Manual editing manually

The bottom row of the application screen, you will see the icons in turn:

  • Small square: shows the available topics of the video without changing the background music
  • Shape music notes: allow editing background music to your liking
  • Rectangular play button: allows detailed editing with each file. In this section, you can add files before or after the selected file, add text, delete files, rotate, focus, duration, copy files.

Note when uploading videos to Quik application: for long video files, Quik usually plans to select "balanced" mode so the video will be cut short. So if you want to fix this situation, after uploading the video, click the pencil icon in the middle of the video, then select "crop" and set it to "manual" mode. So the video will be restored to its original state for you to continue editing.

- Save and export finished products

After satisfied editing results, you just press "ok" to return to the main interface. Then click the "save" button in the bottom bar to export the video. Quik allows you to save your video or upload directly to social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.