Profoundly is a game application on Facebook that allows people around you to ask a question to someone who answers it but in incognito mode - meaning the person who answers the question won't know who the person who asked the question is. Profoundly also has an anonymous mode, but incognito mode is still more popular because it is very suitable for asking delicate, embarrassing questions when asking directly ...

Step 1: You access the Facebook Messenger application, then click on the search box and type the keyword Profoundly.
Step 2: Wait a few seconds for Facebook Messenger to download Profoundly application, when the download is complete, click Play games. Next, turn on Allow to receive anonymous reviews from your Facebook friends.
Step 3: At the interface Profoundly will display the friends and people who use the application with you, you can click skip if you do not want to ask that person, or click Ask next to send a question to that person.
Step 4: If you want to create opportunities for people to ask you, you can go back to the player list interface, then select Share your link to FB. Immediately, Profoundly will switch to the sharing interface on Facebook with your avatar.

Step 5: Switch to the game sharing interface, click Share in the Facebook section. Then in the Create article section, you can select the Public section in the Who can view the article, can write a few lines and attached stickers and click post.
Step 6: Now your friends will see the status Ask me anything, they can ask you by clicking Click to play, then write the question and choose whether or not to be anonymous.