PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator - the most convenient and popular PSP emulator for Android! Run any game on your device, the program supports many famous and legendary games. To run the game, you need a powerful phone or tablet.

PPSSPP yellow optional rendering buffer, non-buffer rendering, memory, CPU or GPU, FPS limiter, article Mipmapping optional speed reading distance displays buffer resolution buffer, vsync, replacement hardware, peeling software, top buffer, poor quality bar / Bezier curve (speed), scaling formation, anisotropic filtering, storage component, fast memory (volatile), multi threaded (pilot), changed the theme in the clock and the Bio Setra hack timer, some improvements have recorded deeper and speed COORD hack disables alpha testing.

This PPSSPP emulator will help you achieve great performance in PSP games and start any high-resolution game, perfect graphics and perfect simple gameplay, this is the emulator Best to play PSP games with perfect game compatibility.

Features of ppsspp gold

- Improve speed in EDF2, FF4

- Allows placing PSP storage on custom paths such as SD cards

- Troubleshooting / crashes in Naruto Shippuden 3, Formula 1, Motorstorm

- Graphics edited in some games (lighting, missing geometry, etc.)

- Fix the error displayed on PowerVR and how to fix the Adreno driver error

- Faster game speed

- Fix sync settings on actual clock (latency settings for music games)

- Network game

- Fix control issues in Sonic Rivals and Rock Band

- Change the default end to OpenGL (still recommended Vulkan)

- High quality game sounds

- The best game driver

- Fraud support

- More stable

- Save and load game state

How to play ppsspp gold game

With this most admirable app / emulator, you can now play old school video games. Now you can have fun with classics like Wipeout, Soul Calibur, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy and Tekken. Here, we are talking about additional resources and HD resolution. The PPSSPP Gold apk can run your favorite games at their original speed, riding on the device's performance and specifications. But before you begin, you'll need to convert your favorite PSP games into .CSO or .ISO files first. You can also save games on an SD card if you want to save some device space.

The options included in PPSSPP are non-buffered rendering, buffer rendering, FPS limiter, frame buffer reading for memory or CPU GPUs, postprocessor, replacement rate, mip mapping, stretch to display, vsync, render resolution, software skinned, hardware transform, low-quality spline / beziercurves (acceleration), peak buffers, asymmetric filtering, texture scaling, Fast memory (unstable), texture builder, I / O on the stream, multithreading (experimental), clock changes and some other improvements such as disabling alpha tests, hacking timers , hack coordinated speed and always record deeply.

You just need to choose an image / game file and play. The game you are playing islater will be displayed in a recent tab to help you easily access it again. You can also choose the display mode of your game.