Power Spider 2

Power Spider 2 is the game for those who love Spider-Man characters on the screen. In Power Spider 2, you will be immersive and become a spider man perform actions to kill criminals to bring peace to humanity.

The Power Spider 2 was once a police officer, Chris Anderson, who needed to bite a spider to cure radiation. He has known a little about the frozen spider for years. Scientists have revealed the secret to Chris that before freezing, this spider bit the world's most famous martial arts master - Zeus Leeroy.

After being cured, Chris was fortunate to possess all of Zeus' abilities. Thanks to his deep knowledge of science, Chris designed a special suit called "Power Spider" to be able to take revenge on the criminals that made him infected with painful radiation disease. Now Chris's destiny is to bring justice and peace back to the city.

His ability, incredible strength, maneuverability, agility and all other qualities give him superiority over bandits. But apart from him in this city, there are other unique, different people. And not all of them are good people.

FEATURES OF Power Spider 2

- Open world

- Detailed graphics

- Great spider web swing mechanism

- Stretch the web to build buildings

- Diverse missions throughout the city

- Many dramatic boss fights

- Buy costumes and unlockable items

- Many fascinating achievements

Power Spider 2 apk is designed with beautiful 3D graphics. Players can enjoy direct dive into the air, running on the wall ... really impressive in the modern city space of high-rise buildings.

Power Spider 2 game aims to bring fun, refreshing means of stress relief on the mobile platform. You will be familiar with many characters or assets in the game because they have been transformed, edited and used in a funny way. Download Power Spider 2 to become a favorite character and bring peace and safety to the country.