Powdergame is a physics-based time-release game very similar to the Falling Sand game but it incorporates wind into the mix. You add different elements to the screen and see the impact of these elements on each other. Powdergame (commonly abbreviated as PG), also known as dust, is a popular particle simulator with the ability to create everything with available elements, then optionally upload them for others to vote. or delete.

The game begins as a very simple simulation. It starts with an element, a dough, an object, a block and a tool, the wind. For many users, it will be like a game similar to Planet Simulation and Sand Moji, but the approval begins when new elements are introduced, like fire, gunpowder and other objects. It became very popular during the expansion of fighters with capabilities like kicking other fighters. The game became famous throughout the simulation game websites after the uploading introduction, allowing people to share their ideas openly with others. When new elements were introduced, creative ideas were created for games, including old pixel art, combat courses (before expanding the hotkeys and player functions). , stop art, pixel art, player courses, logic systems and a few other things, making the game a very clever sandbox, allowing one to run their own ideas and divide. Share them with others. Some users participate in contests where they make uploads on a certain topic.

This physics game simulates recreating such phenomena with flour. Please vote by playing multiple uploaded works. Since there are many types of powders, do science experiments and artwork and play. Because you can upload and share work data, take a look at the different works.

You can choose more than 30 different variations of dots. Water, fire, oil, gunpowder, metals, seeds, birds, Ants and more. The reaction varies when marked with dots and dots. Explosions when hit by fire and gunpowder. Plants grow when hit by seeds and sand. You can spend hours creating a masterpiece or just play around to see what happens next.


Access to Powdergame and select a tool from the tools menu in the Powdergame game screen. There are items you can add to the screen like flour, water, fire, ants, nuts and many other things. There are also different tools when used that will affect other items on your screen like flashlight, wind and air.

Click on the area of the Powdergame screen where you want to apply one of the effects. Keep adding effects to see what happens on the screen. The best way to learn how to play dough games is really just to play around with the effects until you get the look you want.

Dough game tips: You can also use the right mouse button to select the tool and then use the right mouse button to add it to the screen. It helps if you have to make some quick changes.