Portal Knights

Portal Knights apk is an action role-playing game (RPG) combined with survival elements, building houses, making equipment, weapons. In the game, players will participate in an adventure journey through dozens of connected islands, with friends to defeat the enemy.

Leave the familiar world temporarily and enter the Portal Knight world to discover great things. Play with friends in an action-adventure through dozens of islands connected by ancient gates.

No one can remember how long since the peaceful world cracked, dark. Here, you will be a brave warrior carrying an extremely important task, that is, looking for the magic pieces that are used to rebuild the ancient gates connecting the divided world.

You start your journey by choosing characters: Warriors, Mages and Cavalry and then join the fight to defeat the evil monsters and giant bosses to upgrade and hone their skills. and his abilities. Gradually, you gather resources to create weapons, armor, skills and build a house full of treasures from the adventure.

FEATURES of Portal Knights

- RPG character classes including warriors, Taoist and cavalry: Choose favorite characters and customize appearance, ability and equipment. Unlock powerful skills when upgrading

- Build houses using rich materials: Rebuild ruins around the world or open empty islands, where you can build impressive buildings to store treasures and introduce you. friends

- Battle action tactics: Beat your enemies and dodge their attacks in 3rd-person battles. Defeat enemies with weapons and magic

- Travel between randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds: Travel through many unique environments, meet NPC characters, explore many creatures and materials to craft. Explore caves, lakes and dungeons full of surprises

- Team up with 4 players or split device screens to play with friends: Work together on the same island to build buildings, explore dungeons and overcome the toughest troubles or play on your own different islands

- Fierce boss battles: Facing the gate guard, the most formidable beast in the field

- Exploit and collect resources from all over the land to build arsenal and supplies: Upgrade your crafting stations and expand your recipe list to over 100 items, including craft plants Create for each class

- Random events: Adventure in ever-changing landscapes. Complete new missions and earn exclusive items in random events around the world

Portal Knights can be considered as the perfect choice for those who love the Minecraft game series, and of course Legend of Zelda. Still, even for casual gamers, download Portal Knights to your phone is a great choice for you to entertain in your spare time.