Polysphere apk

Polysphere is a completely new puzzle game that helps players exercise the brain effectively, the way of playing Polysphere is quite simple, you just need to swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete picture.Dive into a whole new 3D puzzle experience! Sudoku 247

As a 3D puzzle game with a very new way of playing and themes of Playgendary, Polysphere gives people an extremely interesting experience, different from games of the same genre with very simple requirements. At each stage, there will be an object separated in the form of small blocks, but still retain the fixed connection in space.

Your task here is to rotate them and find the most accurate perspective to get a complete object. Rotating 360 degrees of blocks is sometimes quite easy with a few early stages, but with more difficult challenges or with "newbie", the accumulation of a little more tips through this article is also a way It's not bad to be able to improve your skills and be quick in solving difficult levels.

Polysphere for iPhone gives players many picture puzzles to test their ability to judge and imagination. It includes pictures of animals, plants and many other elements. If you are looking for a game to challenge and relax gently, Polysphere is a good choice to experience.

The pictures in the Polysphere are all beautiful works of art that look like 3D stained glass effect. The game is built with beautiful graphics, combined with gentle sound effects, suitable for relaxing entertainment hours.

Note when playing game Polysphere

- Accurate orientation: Your task in the game screen is not just to find the correct rotation angle for 3D objects. You need to soon figure out what they are, whether they are animals or objects, in order to get an accurate orientation in the rotation. Once the pieces are rotated in the right place, the game will match them together. This is a factor that greatly affects whether or not you pass the screen, especially when you have similar things in your mind like a strawberry or a diamond.

- Take full advantage of the color elements: When you are in secret to visualizing objects to rotate, the best way is to take advantage of pieces of the same color. Although some objects will be easy to visualize, players are often in trouble for two basic reasons. One is that the cube is tilted, making it difficult to orient. The second is that the object has only 2 or 3 primary colors. If you are in the latter case, the most radical solution is to rotate and arrange the pieces of the same color together, thereby easily recognizing parts or details, characteristics of the object, facilitate orientation. A table leg, a beak or a tail, with such facilities will certainly help you a lot in finding objects of the game screen.

- Rotate 180 degrees of the puzzle when the pieces do not self-adhesive even after seeing the image of the object. Sometimes you will encounter a situation where you do not want to piece together, whether you have seen objects, or have aligned and manipulated them. Most of the reason for this is that the image is inverted, and the solution is a 180-degree swipe. If a horse is tilting its head to the left, then of course Polysphere can't match them by itself if you turn it to the right, because that's simply not the right answer for the game.

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