Police Jeep Ghost Stunt Parking 3D 2

Release the game. More than 2 million users have used version 1, and now download the new and entertaining Police Jeep Spooky Stunt Parking 3D 2 game while driving a jeep on various police stations and designed roads. This is a real police jeep adventure game. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity of this game. Are you ready to play this great Adventure Police Classic Classic Adventure game? If you are interested in downloading this 3D Multistory Crazy Jeep Stunt Parking 3D game, then start now and achieve your goal of driving a police jeep game.

This jeep cannot drive a jeep with fifty to seventy levels. Each level is more interesting and entertaining than the previous level. In this spooky 3D parking lot of Indian police, drive luxury jeeps on various design, impossible, and city racetracks. When you drive a Jeep, please buckle up and start the engine first. Then follow directions and traffic rules to complete your level perfectly in this game. During the testing of this really crazy jeep adventure, all the cards were completed perfectly and gained additional achievements.

Features of Police Jeep Ghost Stunt Parking 3D 2

Realistic parking environment

More than 100 realistic jeep parking missions

A variety of luxury jeeps to choose from

Smooth and realistic control

Vehicles based on realistic physics

Realistic jeep

Different control methods (steering, buttons, and tilt)

Addictive game and HD graphics

Free parking in the city and police station mode

Touch the thumb on the screen to move the camera angle

How to play Police Jeep Ghost Stunt Parking 3D 2

Start the engine and buckle up

Drive your jeep carefully, avoiding obstacles and traffic cones

Drag the zoom button up or down to adjust the focus