Police Detector

The Police Detector app is a uniquely designed app that allows users to mark various locations of police patrols and positions of speed cameras on the local map. With this app, you would be able to stay alert and keep a close eye out on the police and the numerous speed cameras that are placed around your city to monitor the speed of cars that are breaking the limit. Other users who also utilize the app, mark various locations of speed cameras and police patrols, which would help you to keep a check locally. Alongside this, there are other handy features that include marking or different road events such as local areas that are undergoing road repairs, any accidents that have taken place in and around the area, and weight control. It also provides a quick help facility in which users can contact other users of the application and seek help if they face any problems when on the road.

With the "Police Detector" application, you can mark the location of speed cameras and police patrols on the map, as well as see their location marked by other users of the application. You can also mark road events like road accidents, road repairs, weight control, and ask for help from other users of the application if you have a problem on the road.


This application is used to detect hazards on the road, such as speed cameras (mobile ambush, static speed cameras, red-light cameras), speed bumps, bad roads and etc.
This application uses a database of hazards previously detected by other users

Features of Police Detector:

- Displays high-speed cameras and police patrols

- Displays traffic jams

- Works in Radar Detector mode

- Shows speed limits on-road sections near high-speed cameras and police patrols

- Radar detection: stationary, mobile, section, traffic lights, warnings of danger on the road, black spots, and police checkpoints.

- Integrates with all GPS navigators to detect radar while you drive.

- The exact distance to the radar and the speed of your car.

- Warning distance graduated according to your speed for greater ease.

- Sound alerts proportional to the distance to the radar.

- Map view with your exact location and the location of the radar.

- Widget for turning the detector on quickly.

- Bluetooth auto start when you turn the car on.

- Intuitive interface design.

- Radar warnings in different countries.

How to use Police Detector:

The Police Detector app is a handy platform for those who would like to stay alert and clear of the police as well as keep safe from the speed cameras in case they are over speeding. The key features of the app include the display of speed cameras and police patrols if they are previously marked by other users who also utilize the application. With the help of the radar mode, users can also detect traffic jams and wait time. The app also shows users the speed limits on different sections of the road, but only if it is previously marked by other users.