Podcast & Radio iVoox

Recently, almost no time for anything. We are always busy, unable to get to places on time and there are always things we can never do. So how to spend time watching TV shows or listening to your favorite radio station? That's why more and more TV and radio platforms offer the ability to enjoy their content on-demand so you can make the most of your free time. With Podcast & Radio iVoox, you can listen to all your favorite radio shows whenever and wherever you want.

Podcast & Radio iVoox, you can listen, share and download for free all sorts of podcasts, radio shows and more, whenever and wherever you want:

Podcasts of courses, conferences, classes and lessons, humorous monologues, stories, poems, biographies, and even meditation programs. You will also have audiobooks, children's stories, and audio guides.

Each of the following is divided into different categories. When you listen to shows and audio, Podcast & Radio iVoox will recommend different types of radio that you may like and the sound of the same interest. Sign up for the show, create your own playlist, listen to the program from the app, or download the episodes of your choice in MP3 format. You can even enjoy your own audiobooks with the best voice and effects, use car mode, speed up audio playback, or schedule when you want to turn off the app.

Features of Podcast & Radio iVoox

- Access a large catalog of podcasts, radios, and audio sorted and sorted

- Download audio from your favorite podcasts and listen to them offline

- Continue listening to sounds you have not finished at the time you stay

- The only application that allows you to listen to podcasts without registering.

- Subscribe to your favorite podcast: Subscribe to it, receive notifications and automatically download it according to your needs

- Create both private and public playlists for continuous listening, then or even to share with others

- The app learns from your tastes to introduce new podcasts and audio to your liking

- Listen to the radio live, search for new radios according to categories and save your favorites

- Maximum sound control: change playback speed, forward or backward, program the engine shutdown, activate vehicle mode

- Control playback from the lock screen

- Surprise me: podcast and audio recommendations based on the time you have and the topic

- Use filters to find sounds by duration, topic or order

- Compatible with Chromecast

Although listening to audio consumes less than watching videos, it still uses a lot of data, so be careful if you're not connected to a wifi network. It will all depend on the quality of the file you are listening to but it may consume up to 2 MB per minute. That means you will use up to 120 MB per hour to be quite difficult with your data plan. Therefore, Podcast & Radio iVoox is a better option to use wifi when listening to podcasts or radio shows."