Play Tube

Play Tube app is the client application of the world's largest video social networking site - Youtube, with Play Tube you can enter the Yotube world and enjoy all your favorite videos.

Play Tube for Android is YouTube's 3rd-party application that lets you easily enjoy great videos and free music from around the world and your country. Download Play Tube, you can search for videos, channels, playlists and full screen view or the thumbnail shown above. This music player acts as a popup allowing you to still be able to use other applications while watching videos on Youtube.

With Play Tube Android, you can find everything you still see on Youtube when you open it in your browser such as a list of popular videos, featured videos. Once logged into your Youtube account, the world of Play Tube is no different from Youtube. Also with the options Home, Search to search, History displays viewing history, videos you like or the channels you have chosen to follow.

FEATURED of Play Tube app

- Collection of favorite videos

- View unlimited YouTube videos and music

- Popup mode (floating player)

- Search for videos, channels and playlists
Listen to YouTube videos (experimental)

- Display general information about videos