Plants vs. Zombies FREE

When it comes to the tower defense series or sometimes called the goalkeeper, Plants vs. Zombies. apk  are one of the best games to play. Even this is one of the rare games that appear on nearly every platform from both common and uncommon platforms. Released for the first time in 2009, the game is present almost throughout the "battle line", from handheld game consoles like Nintendo DS to consoles like Xbox 360, even "destiny" like Windows Phone also has .

Plants vs. Zombies free is an interesting game about gameplay and graphics style. Even, each version on each platform has a unique feature specific to that system, such as the PlayStation Vita, which "shakes the device" to collect all the money on the screen. And among them, it is indispensable of course the Windows and macOS platform is the first place that gave birth to the game and received the Game of the Year version with some additional content compared to the first release.

Graphics in Plants vs. Zombies Zombies free are quite cute with shaping plants and tubers are the factors that create a strategy in the player's defense. The game takes you to the garden of Crazy Dave's house with a pretty "oh my god" design. Zombies do not know where to attack and threaten to eat the brain of the host. With nothing to fight, Crazy Dave uses the trees in the front and back yard to protect the house from the invasion of these undead. Yet such a silly and humorous story has captured the hearts of many Vietnamese and world players.

In addition to playing Adventure, Plants Vs. Zombies also add some other game modes to extend the replay value of the game. Among them, Zen Garden is the most entertaining. This game mode is a virtual garden where you have to plant and take care of trees to receive bonuses from them. In addition to regular watering, players also have to fertilize, spray and play "relaxing" music for them. This game is exactly as the name implies, only for the purpose of relaxation for the player is the main. You only have a limited number of actions and once completed, it will take some time to continue repeating the tree work.

Features of Plants vs. Zombies FREE

- Game to kill zombies.

- Many attractive game modes.

- Diverse types of zombies and crops.

- Abundant weapon system to kill zombies.

- Unexpected obstacles and unexpected challenges throughout the game screen.

How to play Plants vs. Zombies FREE game

Use the left mouse button to perform operations.

Your mission in the game is to protect the garden from the onslaught of monsters.