Pixel Apocalypse

Pixel Apocalypse is a game where you experience the experience of survival in a fallen world flooded by zombies in an open world where failing to find supplies can be just as deadly as zombies. Pixel Apocalypse takes elements from games like Minecraft and flips up and creates countless hours of play to be enjoyed in singleplayer offline mode, or online with friends around the world.

This is a fast game, and all you need to do is survive! Let's make your advantage map by searching for hidden spots and the best place to sniper enemies! This will be a bloody battle so it is better to be quick and accurate in every shot that you will make ... Play now and get caught up in this latest craze in this person shooter game first!

With multiplayer 3D graphics, this is where you can fight against players and Bots of zombies and soldiers. In this block war FPS version, you can use many guns (from ax to sniper) and Play with friends on incredible maps. Fight bravely against all your friends with a variety of weapons including a bazooka, shotgun, battle rifle, sniper, RPG and many more!

Features OF Pixel Apocalypse

Everything becomes utterly apocalyptic in this first multiplayer shooter! Rush into madness with batons and catch better weapons as quickly as possible. That's the only way for you to survive without players from around the world taking you down. Pixel Apocalypse is a popular game selected by many gamers for entertainment after a hard day. The game will give you the charm right from the first moment by the interesting features that the game brings such as:

- The game allows you to explore a vast open-world with distinct and unique locations. Here players will enjoy countless interesting things that not all games bring.

- Ready to fight with zombies when you search for nearby towns to find supplies

- Use all your skills to find food and water to survive

- Have all over 10 unique weapons for you to search and explore.

- You can play with friends on multiplayer servers around the world

- This is a unique environment with a day and night cycle.

How to play Pixel Apocalypse GAME

This game does not require high technical skills. Your task is simply to survive and destroy everything that moves. Many flesh-eating zombies will try to attack you and eat your brain to keep shooting and avoid contact at all costs. Use all of your hidden skills to handle them all and become the most powerful player.