Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3 is an exciting game where you will have to try and break the pinata. You must try to remove all the candy from it until you have a full hand and your hand is worn out when hitting it. Get all the candy you can get and if the pinata breaks, it will give you more.

The game offers 3 attractive game modes for players to choose as:

Normal mode: This is the traditional model where you need to press the pinata continuously and get as much candy as possible to buy weapons and new upgrades.

Time mode: The time method is quite demanding, in which you have to collect a specific number of candies in a certain period of time to move on to another level. The difficulty will increase as time is shortened with the need for more candies.

Challenge mode: With this mode will contain a number of challenges in which you will be provided with a variety of weapons at each level, you will be asked to create a specific number of candies. There are many variations of this target at different levels in the battle mode.

Features OF Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3 apk was born and has had certain success when it attracted a large number of game players. With an easy way to play with the following outstanding features, somewhat gives the player a fascinating game.

- Pinata Hunter 3 game gives you additional weapons and updates than ever.

- Give the player more candy, with more weapons and bags, you can collect more candies at once and can hope to completely break all the pinatas in the game.

- Games with sound as well as eye-catching graphics create excitement for players.

- You can play this game in full-screen mode.

- You can pause /resume/restart and enable/disable the sound on the game screen.

- When the container is full, your money will not increase.

How to play Pinata Hunter 3 GAME

In the game, Pinata Hunter 3 for android will give you a pinata filled with candy that you will hit continuously and skillfully when you put your bag in the position where you will get the most candy from. Try everything you want, but pinatas won't stop being replaced and sweets won't stop falling while your hands will wear out when trying to chase the limits of pinatas and candy.

The controls in this game are very simple, you just need to click and drag the candy bag to place it anywhere. Move your finger around to swing weapons With really simple game controls that make the game full of fun.