Piano Tiles apk

Piano Tiles 1 game is an addictive game in which you will have to play a piano with the rhythm of the music, without missing any notes or falling behind, because if you do, you will Lose the game and your record will stop before it is required. Have hours of fun by playing Piano Tiles 1 and becoming a great pianist, you will love this game, the moment you start playing it. This game offers hours of free fun to keep you captivated for hours with great fun and fun.

Like some of the best games ever created, Piano Tiles 1 has a simple yet challenging style to make, especially as the songs get faster. The premise is easy to learn: touch the black boxes as they move up your screen to turn off the sound of the song. The more accurate you are, the higher your score will be. As the songs become more complex, the game becomes harder to perfect. Like Guitar Hero before, you really don't need to know how to play an instrument, but you can make good music nonetheless.

There are 4 game modes:

- Classic mode, get 25/50 black boxes as soon as possible.

- Mode Smart mode, try your best to touch the darkest boxes as possible and don't miss a cell.

- Mode This mode, try your best to touch the black boxes as much as possible for 15/30 seconds.

- ModeBomb mode, try your best to destroy bombs.

Features of Piano Tiles 1

- Our free addictive piano game is free and it will be free for life, so there are no hidden fees and no special memberships.

- Simple, attractive and high quality graphics specially designed for this game.

- Compete your friends and compare your scores with their scores. Do not let them make your points higher.

Great environment to keep you captivated.

- With our advanced one-touch control, you can easily make a single tap on the black boxes to perform great tunes. Super easy!

- When you install our game, you can play it without limits and even without an internet connection, so you will enjoy playing anytime and anywhere. Enjoy it at a temple, either while riding on a real plane or train, also in the subway, or simply when you are in your room.

How to play Piano Tiles 1 game

Your goal in Piano Tiles game is to get the biggest score possible and keep up with the best records set in front of you. You will have to play in your favorite genre and go as fast as possible. The more points you get, the harder it is to tune.

The rules are easy, just touch the black box to listen to music and play fast.

With eight music genres to choose from, you definitely won't get tired of playing the same song. You will find hundreds of different tracks that will play randomly after you choose a genre, so you can spend hours without listening to the same song twice.


- Collect as many points as possible.

- Do not touch the white tiles.

- Share your best scores with friends and family.