Pi Network

Pi Network apk is a virtual currency that can only be mined or mined on a phone, but does not consume device resources like other free mining applications. Previously Pi Network could include mining applications such as Electroneum (ETN), but this application consumes your device resources to decode the algorithm (Electroneum uses cryptonight algorithm). With Pi Network, when you dig coins will feel the device does not heat up. In addition, you can also turn off the application or turn off the network and still be able to mine coins every 24 hours.

The Pi Network app developed by the revolutionary SocialChain Inc. of Stanford University's Ph.D. team brings the economic and social power of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into people's hands by redefining the rich. PI's vision is to build the world's most comprehensive peer-to-peer market, driven by Pi Coin.
As in the early days of Bitcoin, mining Bitcoin was really easy. Although you can earn 50 BTC just by running mining software on your personal computer. It didn't last long until other mining companies began spreading around the world. It became so mad that these companies started developing specialized chips (ASICs) to mine this digital currency.

Pi's goal is to become a widely distributed and widely used electronic currency in the world. To achieve that goal, Pi encourages members to contribute early to ensure the success of the project (eg network protection and development). To reflect the importance of early contributions, the rate of extraction decreases as more people join the network. At this point, the base mining rate will be halved every time the number of active users increases by 10 times. This ratio will be reduced to zero when the network reaches a certain number of users (for example, 10 million or 100 million). At the time, like Bitcoin, miners would continue to receive rewards with transaction fees, rather than being rewarded with new coins.

The security circle is a group of 3-5 trusted people built by each Pi member, to prevent fraudulent transactions.

While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin secure their ledgers by forcing mining companies to burn energy (proof of work), Pi still guarantees its ledger when members of the network prove trust with each other. Pi contributors guarantee each other by building security groups of 3-5 members whom they deem reliable. The security circle should include people you trust not to make fraudulent transactions. The cyber security circles form a global trust chart to determine who can trust to conduct transactions on the Pi ledger.

How to use Pi Network

Go to apkxyz.com to download the app or you can go straight to the app store for Iphone and CHPlay for Android and find the app called minepi.

After downloading you register for an account.

In this step you can optionally register tk by facebook or phone number up to you. For me, I choose by phone number for easy.

Choose a location, enter your phone number and click Go.

This step enter the password and confirm the password.

Lastly, this is the Username (this is for me to log into the app, don't forget this). After completing the information, click Submit to move to the final step.

In this last step, you enter the referral code is SIGNUPNOW.

That's it, just leave it now. or recommend to your friends and earn lots of Pi Coin, guys.