Phantasy Star Classic is a game of role-playing game genre, gamers will fight in turn on classic 16-bit graphics. Fight against mutant creatures, robots and many other ferocious animals.

Set in the future world, the Phantasy Star Classic game gives you the task of moving through different locations while defeating enemies like Head Rot, Pug Hit and Slugmess that you encounter through the system. Fight in turns to restore peace to the Algol Star System. Venture into wild, unprotected wilderness, equipped with magic as you prepare to face scary dungeons, catastrophic floods and exploding planets! Fight with enemies using your swords, knives, bows, and even wits. The confrontation earns you experience and coins allow you to level up your character and get better sets. We may have heard all of this a thousand times before, but keep in mind that this game came out even before Square released many different sagas for Super Nintendo, meaning at a time when This game has never been seen on 16 bit machines.

The game occupies part of the line called SEGA Forever, a series of mobile games officially released by the company, which has identical gameplay to the original and offers the opportunity to customize touch controls. and even save your progress at Anytime. All are free, meaning you'll only see a few ads in the start menu. Once you start playing, there are no banners as well as anything to slow down your gaming experience.

Phantasy Star II: Mota, a once peaceful tropical paradise and the shining jewel of the Algol Star System, is faced with terrible oppression at the hands of an unknown demon. Planet-trot with friends, solve a twisted puzzle, and get ready to fight to defeat the enemy.

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. With the context of the game is a millennium since the Laya floods Battle with cyborg army Orakio. The civilized man is almost destroyed, and the Dark Force remains. Embark on a journey so vast, it extends the life of three generations!

Phantasy Star IV: This is the explosion magic and final monster with the incredible Phantasy Star story. An ancient, disgusting dark force stalks the Algolian Star System. You are a young hunter and are destined to be Motavia's greatest warrior, your mission in Phantasy Star IV is to take the deadly blow to destroy the evil forever.









- Play free with ad support or without ads through In-App Purchases

- Save your game: save your progress at any time in the game.

- Haptic support: join the game with quick response button presses

- Control support: MFi compatible controller

You can play this entire game for free with the sole burden of advertising, appearing on the title screen and pausing and will pop up between sessions and you also need to see video ads to save the game. your. Those ads can be permanently deleted for $ 1.99 per game or as a package for all three Phantasy Star games for $ 4.99. In contrast to some SEGA action-oriented games that can be played with virtual buttons, Phantasy Star games really play very well on the touch screen and as a SEGA Forever game, you will also get a Small reward numbers like screen filter and rewind feature. It is definitely worth checking out these classics for free as they are part of the Phantasy Star Classics collection.