Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga apk is a puzzle game from King - producer Candy Crush Saga hit. Here you will be involved in the challenge skills combination and solve unique puzzles to save adorable pets in danger. Break bricks, rescue pets and take care of them at Pet Home.

Touch blocks of the same color and build powerful boosters to rescue pets and bring them home safely. You will begin the adventure to rescue the pet with the wolf Ferm and unlock many pets of all shapes, as well as different sizes along the way. Your saved pet will be raised in Pet Home

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is the perfect game to "rescue" you from boredom and help you have many fun moments. Special The game also offers players an extremely unique feature called Pet Home. This feature allows you to build, customize and design beautiful homes for rescued animals. You can choose a room for each species from the bedroom, the game room to the music room and interact with the cute pet.

Features Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

Unlike the games: Candy Crush Friends Saga or Candy Crush Saga. This game gives players many new and more attractive kites by special features such as:

- You have the right to collect over 30 cute pets such as cats, dogs and more exotic animals like pandas and sloths.

- There are hundreds of challenging puzzles that require your wits to be able to solve.

- You can enjoy the game in vertical and horizontal scrolling levels.

- Touch the blocks of the same color to explode them and rescue lovely animals and take chugs home.

- When you match 6 or more blocks of the same color to create powerful boosters it will help you overcome the challenges of the game screen faster.

- Get a free booster in Pet Home and take care of your pet for more free play networks.

- Visit Pet Home to see the rescued pets.

- There are rankings to compete scores with your friends and opponents.

- Connect to the Internet to easily synchronize games between devices and unlock the full features of the game.

- The game will bring you countless lovely pets to collect and a series of interesting challenges. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is completely free, but offers items that can be purchased for real money, you can turn off this feature in the settings on your device. How to play Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga:

You will have to touch the blocks of the same color so they explode to rescue the cute and cute pets.